10 reasons to summer in Stowe!

1. usually don't need A/C - average summer night time temps are 54 degrees. This is ideal for sleeping with windows open (and screens installed). Temps are often lower in the mountains. Ask us which houses offer a really "cool" summer experience!

2. highest point in Vermont! - be on the highest point in Vermont this summer. Did you know that you can ride the gondola up 70% of the way, then have a 4 star lunch, and then with hiking shoes and some stamina walk to the top? You could also drive up the Toll Road to the nose and then walk to the chin. You could also be one of the few who bike up. And in the fall there is a race to the top (bike or run) if you feel like being challenged.

3. Mountain Biking Mecca - The Stowe area (including Waterbury) is steadily becoming a solid mountain bike destination. Excellent mountain biking for all abilities can be had at Cottonbrook (ride to Waterbury!), Trapps and the town loops - to mention a few. Stop in any of the local bike shops for details or check this resource out: Stowe Mountain Bike Club

4. Sunday Farmer's Market - music and a relaxed vibe go on all day. The only thing missing are a few home brews! Sample local produce, meats, cheeses and numerous arts & crafts right along the bike path. Make it a lunch spot or come and hang out for a few hours. more

5. Kids Camp at the Mountain - Stowe Mountain Resort is working to extend their successful winter kids ski program into the summer. There are two, all-day summer day camp offerings this summer; Kids Adventure for 4-6 year olds and Mountain Adventure for 7-12 year olds. Go to Stowe.com for more info or call 802.253.3475

6. Home of Trapp Lager - did you know that America's next beer is coming from the Green Mountains? Slight exaggeration maybe, but don't miss sampling a pint or two so that you can claim early support status...

7. clear water - rivers & lakes - it is hard to say how great it is to cool down or swim in a mountain stream after a hot sweaty run. Or to dive into a fresh water pond not knowing quite who else is living in the water. Kids truly love exploring the rivers and the sides of ponds. So find you own swimming hole in one of Stowe's rivers this summer - ask us for suggestions. (Please remember to take precautions with life vests and stay away from rivers & streams in flood.) Great spots include Green River Reservoir and the Waterbury Reservoir.

8. Spa-hopping - there are three spas in Stowe begging for your business. Why not compare them and blog about the differences? We would like to hear what you come up with. Start at the new Stowe Mountain Lodge Spa and discover wellness. Then move on to the Topnotch Spa and find balance. And finally end at The Stoweflake Spa and settle into the essence of life and longevity! How can you resist?

9. Golf, golf, golf - Stowe is for the adventurous golfer. There are three great 18-hole courses (and numerous good 9-hole courses nearby). Probably the best course (I am biased b/c I worked there one summer) is in Waterbury and called Country Club of Vermont. It is a private club but like many in this soft economy is open for public play. It is a great course - truly challenging from the back tees (I would think). Next you should try the Stowe Country Club - this is a good course for getting comfortable with your golf. If there are any issues that need ironing out - this is the course. Finally, try and sneak (jesting only) on to the Stowe Mountain Club's course. This is Stowe's newest course and has won several awards in innovation and daring (I think). Currently play is limited to guests of the Stowe Mountain Lodge and prospective real estate buyers. So do what you must and get onto this course!


10. Bargain vacation rental rates! - what more can we say - call us or email us and we will take care of you! 802.253.8858




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